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 SenlexMr Lacey chemical industry as the world's leadingCellulose etherOne of the company,With innovative and sustainable solutions,For a number of industry clients achieve high value。 In a world of increasingly international in China market,Set up mountains in eastern lacey chemical co., LTD,Provide service for more Chinese users。

   Mr Lacey chemical cellulose ether with German technology,Imported raw materials,Ensure the quality of products,For more buildings、To provide customers with a green chemical industry、Environmental protection product,Sharing a better life,Mr Lacey use of innovation and the power of science and technology,Continuously develop high qualityCellulose ether,Our cellulose ether including:Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose、Hydroxyethyl cellulose,Provide service for many areas of business: Building、Chemical industry、Coating and paint、Detergent、Cosmetics,Can be used as film formers、Binder、Dispersant、Stabilizing agent、Thickening agent, etc。

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Industrial-grade hydroxypropyl methyl celluloseHPMC
Levels of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose cleaning productsHPMC
Hydroxyethyl cellulose
To disperse latex powder
Polyvinyl alcohol powder
Hydroxypropyl starch ether

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Industrial-grade hydroxypropyl methyl celluloseHPMCLevels of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose cleaning productsHPMCHydroxyethyl celluloseTo disperse latex powder
Polyvinyl alcohol powderHydroxypropyl starch ether

Opportunity Cooperation Value

Communication found opportunity,Opportunity to cooperation,Value cooperation achievements,
Join the lacey,Create a glorious life。

Excellent quality brand

The imported equipment,German technology,Fully guarantee the quality of the product,It happened4The kettle、2Lie the kettle cellulose ether production line,4To disperse latex powder production line,The company throughISO9001Product quality management system certification。

Professional team to provide technical solution

Has more than senior technical titles account for50%,Master degree or above22People,And with the colleges and universities、Scientific research units established a long-term relations of cooperation,Dr Hire shandong construction university architecture technical guidance for the company。

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Special mortar spraying hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
Summer high temperature concrete construction points for attention
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose water retention of building mortar
Affect the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose water retention of several factors

Product application areas / Application Fileds

The construction field:Building energy efficiency/Architectural finishes
The oil field:Oil drilling/Oil well cementing
Environmental protection and energy saving:Antifreeze/Dust suppression agent
Wash area:Cleaning products/Cosmetics

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